Series: Embedded Rust: Rust Discovery Book (STM32)

Introduction to Programming Minecraft Addons

I’ve been a hobbyist with electronics for a number of years. Working on a project, then nothing for months (sometimes years). Then picking it back up. I’ve always wanted to gain more experience doing embedded development. Recently i’ve been working on a project in Rust called Krustlet that allows Kubernetes to be used to orchestrate Web Assembly directly on the a node, without being put inside a container. Brian Ketelsen and I worked on a talk and demo for it where we used WASM to control a robotic arm. [Read More]

Series: Intelligent Video Analytics with NVIDIA Jetson

Over the past several weeks Paul DeCarlo and I have been working on a video series and example project with documentation on the Intelligent Edge. Where we worked on an Intelligent Video Analytics system using a $99 NVIDIA Jetson Nano. The project takes RSTP video feeds from a couple of local security cameras and then uses NVIDIA’s DeepStream SDK and Azure’s IoT Hub, Stream Analytics, Time Series Insights, and PowerBI to do object detection at the edge on the Nano, collect metrics about the objects scene by the individual cameras, forwards them up to Azure, then presents a dashboard for viewing and querying the analytics we’ve collected. [Read More]

Series: Programming with Minecraft

Introduction to Programming Minecraft Addons

My kids are home from school and they have expressed interest in learning to program. So i’ve decided to try to introduce them to that world, in a hopefully much more entertaining way than starting with theory. It turns out the Bedrock edition of Microsoft can be modded using JSON and Javascript. This is a great way of easing into programming. There was so much we could do and quickly by just modifying JSON files. [Read More]