Series: Embedded Rust: Rust Discovery Book (STM32)

Introduction to Programming Minecraft Addons

I’ve been a hobbyist with electronics for a number of years. Working on a project, then nothing for months (sometimes years). Then picking it back up. I’ve always wanted to gain more experience doing embedded development.

Recently i’ve been working on a project in Rust called Krustlet that allows Kubernetes to be used to orchestrate Web Assembly directly on the a node, without being put inside a container. Brian Ketelsen and I worked on a talk and demo for it where we used WASM to control a robotic arm. This got me excited about doing some embedded projects again. I also liked the idea of doing it with Rust.

Eventually i’d like to bring back my BBQ PID controller that controls a blower motor on my smoker to maintain temperature and some other projects i’ve started and not finished (E_TOOMANYPROJECTS). First i’m going to go back to the basics.

So, i’ve acquired an STM32F3DISCOVERY board and am making my way through the Rust Embedded Discovery book. I’ll then my make my way to the The Embedded Rust Book.


Embedded Rust: Rust Discovery Book (STM32) Pt. 1

In this episode I set up my development environment and work on building, flashing, and debugging on board.

Embedded Rust: Rust Discovery Book (STM32) Pt. 2

Setup VS Code to debug using OpenOCD, solve the LED roulette challenge, working through Chapters 6-11. Ran into some issues doing ITM and USART. Which I’ll try to solve in the next episode before moving on to bluetooth.