Virtual Kubelet

Last week was KubeCon. 4,100 Kubernauts descended on Austin, Texas to talk about all things Kubernetes and Cloud Native. During this spectacular event, Microsoft announced a new open-source project called Virtual Kubelet that a number of my colleagues (credited below) and I got together a week early in Austin to hack on. I’m super excited about this project, and I’d like to explain a bit about what it is and why it’s so interesting. [Read More]

Why I Joined Microsoft

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.

With all the hype about Microsoft’s hiring streak on the developer advocacy team, it has left a lot of people asking: “What is Microsoft doing?”. Many of my new coworkers have shared their views; I thought I’d share my own. Even some of my own friends and family have asked why I would make this move. I’d been working on a great team, working on really interesting and challenging problems. All seemed to be well in the world; what would trigger such a move? [Read More]